Inspection – FAQ

Who is responsible for hygiene requirements in a house?

According to the law, maintenance and cleaning of the territory and objects, ensuring the destruction of harmful arthropods and rodents and preventing their introduction, is the responsibility of the owner of the territory or the object, or his authorized person (if any).

What to do if rodents or insects are introduced in a dwelling house?

Residents who have complaints about the presence of insects or rodents inform their home owner or a house manager about this problem. Of course, in cases where people notice the proliferation or introduction of harmful insects or rodents, they can also turn to the Health Inspectorate. Our Inspection phone for consultation 0800 321 3220. For more information on examining the application, see here.

How does the Health Inspection perform checks if rodents or insects have been introduced?

If during the course of the inspection the information provided in the application is approved, the Health Inspectorate instructs the manager or owner of the building to disinfect, disinsect or deratization measures within 2 weeks and inform the Health Inspectorate of the implementation of the measures. The Health Inspectorate does not carry out disinfection, disinsectisation and deratization measures, specially trained persons – disinfectors.

Where can I get a list of disinfection, disinsection and deratisation service providers?

Before starting a business, a health insurance provider must submit an application and a list of employees who will provide disinfection, disinsection and deratisation services and documents certifying their education to the provider of disinfection, disinsection and deratisation services.