Pest Control & Services

We offer quality services in the field of pest control and prevention – disinsection, deratization, disinfection.

  • Disinsectization is the destruction of harmful arthropods for humans and animals by special means and devices. Destroy brooms, ants, flies, cods, food codes, blisters, foxes and other insects.
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  • Deratization is the destruction of mice, rats and other rodents by mechanical, chemical and biological methods. Read more..
  • Disinfection is the destruction of infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, monocells, pathogenic mushrooms) in the external environment. Read more..

As the most effective collaborative model, we provide a comprehensive pest control program, in which we, in cooperation with the client, make most of the preventive measures to prevent the entry of rodents and insects into the premises and territory.
Within the framework of this program, depending on the agreement, we install in a clients premises various pest control and destruction equipment (insect lamps, bait stations, etc.).


Our certified staff will arrive at your facility free of charge, carry out an inspection, evaluate and determine the amount of work required, and provide recommendations for the most appropriate bird control model. Contact us!

B2B solutions

Pest control program that includes the following steps:

  • Regular inspection of premises. Equipment placement and maintenance.
  • Insect monitoring (bait stations, glue traps), determining the penetration of pests and places of activity.
  • Providing recommendations to prevent pests from entering the site.
  • Discovering traces of insects, disinsecting and / or deratization.
  • Consultancy of the client’s staff about disinsection / deratisation.
  • Prevention activities.
  • During the provision of the service, disinsectization cards are being filled, indicating the specific work necessary on the site, the names and quantities of the used substances.
  • We transfer the inventory necessary for pest control (insect lamps, bait stations, traps, etc.) to the client’s use, as well as continuous inventory supervision and maintenance.
  • At the customer’s request, but no later than within 2 (two) business days after receipt, if no other deadlines are indicated in the request, arriving at the client’s facility for extraordinary rendering and disinfestation.
  • Control of the effectiveness of the service provided, and, if necessary, the re-destruction of pests.

Special discounts and offers

We offer discounts for students attending university! With a help of student finance helpline, we’ve developed easy and accessible service solution for students.

If Have you recently discovered a pest in your home or student accommodation. The chances are that we have already solved a similar issue and have the solution to your problem.